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I made this series of ceramic sculptures with the fingermarks technique.

Primitive artists left their handprints on the walls in ancient caves, inspiring me.
This represents my unrestrained exploration and playful experimentation with clay, where creativity is free from constraints or regulations. It is an innocent and unsophisticated approach to art where I immerse myself in the process and allow the material to guide me without any external influence or interruption. It is an act of embracing my innermost self and discovering my abilities.


This series of works is based on the combination of geometric shapes and free, chaotic surfaces.


Here I abandons the texture of finger marks entirely and strive for a smooth surface of a geometric figure.

The Peg-Top sculpture represents the fundamental concepts of life and death, movement and stillness. The Peg-Top sculpture reflects the idea that all movement must eventually come to a stop. The cone’s two peaks represent the metaphor of life and death.


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