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I made an intentional transition from floristry design to contemporary ceramics. My background has influenced the style of my work. Additionally, I am a collector of plant fossils. Some of my ceramic sculptures vaguely resemble the essence of plants and other natural elements that reflect my deep connection to the natural world.

In my current works, I focus on exploring the interplay between the balance of order, mathematical precision, and the chaotic beauty of nature.
In my sculptures, I aim to capture this dynamic tension through the contrasting use of geometric shapes and chaotic textures. I exert control over the chaos by guiding the movement of textures along the contours of my geometric forms.

I use various tools and techniques to create unique textures to add depth and dimension to my sculptures. I also like to incorporate my touch by using my fingers to leave marks on the surface of the terracotta clay sculptures. I feel connected with the past and think about the primitive artists who left their handprints on the walls in ancient caves.

I prefer to showcase my materials' natural red, black, and white colors. Sometimes I like to use pigmented clay instead of glazing. I like the understated elegance of matte surfaces, as opposed to the more dramatic look of a glossy finish. I only resort to glazing when it is necessary to enhance the visual contrast in my work.

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